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What is SnapTorrent / how to use it?
SnapTorrent can instantly play any movie torrent link you have inside the browser. You don't need any additional software. You don't need to wait for whole download in order to watch a movie. Just paste the link above and watch it instantly.

Where can I find movie torrents?
There are plenty of sites where you can find torrents. If you don't know any just Google it. Please, use links only to legal movies. Before watching check if movie is listed in public domain movie database.
Step 1 - Go to any site with Torrents and find a movie you like
*Be careful. If using these free torrent websites on a Windows PC or Mac or your smartphone, it’s highly recommended that you protect yourself with secure Antivirus Software and AdBlocker.

Step 2 - Copy link to the torrent file
Don't download torrent file. Rather just copy the link to the file itself. You can copy the link by pressing right mouse button on the link and than using "copy link" option from the menu.

Step 3 - Paste the link into textbox at the top of this page and click "Watch"
It's that simple. Enjoy! Don't forget to support us. Check information below about it.
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